15 September 2013

HTML editor

After trying several HTML editors I went with bluefish.  It's free, its open source, and... it's free.  I tried Coffee something or other and a couple off of cnet.com or download.com.  They were ok but you need to pay after awhile.  Another good editor out there is "Eclipse".  It is for more advanced users but I used this when I was in college experimenting with Java and Python.

03 September 2013

Writing html by Hand.

This is my handwritten html.  Took me four tries but I got it.  I think the hardest part was trying to remember the cheesecake stuff.  I took that out and added my own.  Kind of wondering what the metta stuff does and it looks like I spelled it wrong so I am going to go back and try again.  I will keep the original post up to save time.

02 September 2013


After losing money for college and almost failing out, I decided to try Programming and Web Design.  I'm not new to this but I will be starting from the beginning.  I will be using several sources that I found off of Khan Academy and Code Academy.  I hope to be an above average coder by December.  Wish me luck.